Friday, January 29, 2016

Favorite Products For Quick Hair Polishing On Set

            First up, Loreal Elnett Satin Hairspray. It’s my “old faithful” of hairsprays. It’s been around since the 60’s and has been tried and true. This is a staple in my hair kit as I’m rarely without it.

used twisted fabric and Elnett hairspray
Makeup, hair and photo by Nicole Rogers
Pro’s: It has a super fine mist and dries before it hits the hair making it an excellent hairspray for textured hair that has been straightened. It has a great hold and has no build up or flakes. You can spray for major hold then easily brush out to complete a different look if you needed.

Con’s: The smell.  It’s less than desirable. It might just be my nose because I’ve never had a client complain but I like all my stuff to smell like roses.  *kanye shrug*

Pro tip: When using hairspray in general, make sure you hold the can far enough away (about 12 inches or more depending on the formula) so it has time to dry before it hits the hair.

            CHI Twisted fabric is a finishing product generally used to sculpt and mold short cuts and add texture to medium length hair.  This works very well when grooming male clients but I also use it to tame fly aways and add sheen to sleek straightened styles. 

Pro’s: It works well on most textures and it smells great. I can get multiple uses with this product including taming fly aways, re twisting natural hair, sculpting male cuts and  taming fly aways.

Con’s: There really aren’t any when used appropriately.

Pro tip: When using to tame fly aways use a tiny amount and emulsify into your palms of your hands before applying to hair.

Biomega Glow Spray is a weightless shine spray to be used when you want to add a hint of sheen to the hair without actually having to touch it. I have very fine hair and can't take lots of shine creating products because they weigh my hair down leaving it lifeless. This product doesn't do that. My hair is left with a beautiful shine and still has movement.   

Pro’s: It has a fine mist that won't weigh the hair down, won't leave it greasy and smells great.
Con’s: I have yet to find one.

My current favorite tools to use, and I have a variety, have to be Hot Tool Marcels. They can be used to curl, wave or straighten hair easily,
used 3/8 marcel and Glow spray
Makeup, hair and photo by Nicole Rogers 
distribute heat evenly and are quite affordable. Did I mention how affordable they are? Well they are. You can find them for $40 and under in local beauty supply stores and online. If you aren't comfortable using marcel irons they also come with a spring handle option.

Pro’s: Heat can be controlled by dial, it can be used as a clipless iron, heats up quick in under 60 secs and can be used for multiple styles.

Con’s: Some of the irons do not state an exact temperature. It will only show low to extra hot on the dial. This won’t be a problem once you become familiar with your iron and test a section of hair as you should with any heating tool.

Pro tip: Be sure to use the proper heat setting for your hair texture. This will prevent the scorching of hair and ensure you get a proper curl. 

Bonus tip: For longevity of your irons be sure to wrap the cords correctly to avoid short circuits. 

Do you have

What products are you currently in love with? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.


Nicole Rogers