Thursday, August 28, 2014

Makeup Tips For Today's Confident Teen

Wouldn't it be great if there were a magic makeup product we could put on any teenagers face to make them feel beautiful, confident or make them immune to the worlds imperfections? I'd be the worlds first bazillionaire if I could invent it! lol While recording a foundation review , I realized my teenager was "I-spying" over my shoulder. I had to capture the moment as her shirt snapshots her personality perfectly.

Children are always watching, absorbing and emulating what they see and hear. Let's think about that for a second…. By now you realize this has nothing to do with makeup.

With social media continuing to grow in popularity and its major newsfeed contributors being fight videos, fire challenges, silly memes and police brutality shares; it's becoming increasingly difficult to shield the youth from the madness. If you add all of that to the constant makeup shaming, weave shaming, skin color shaming and body shaming onto an already emotional teenage journey to adulthood, you'll find it can be overwhelming. (I thank God Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc were not around when I was a teen.) Being a mother of 3 girls (one being a teenager), I try to fill them up with great mantras to think about daily to balance the worlds craziness.

Here are a few of my favorite mantra's I send my girls away with every morning!

Me and my teen
1. Own your awkward 
Never be ashamed of what makes you different. Own it and others will love you for it and those who don't never deserved to be in the presence of such "awesomeness" anyway.

2. Dare yourself to ask more questions
Everyone wants to be the one who know's everything but the truth is noone does. Be confident and inquisitive with everyone. The person next to you will silently appreciate it.

3. Be yourself
Why be anyone else? You're awesome!

4. You are only as beautiful as you make others feel
Make sure you leave all those that encounter you along the day with a smile. If your lucky you'll get the same in return.

5. Don't forget to be awesome
Whatever you do and however you do it, don't forget to be AWESOME!…..or at least try.

Did you find this helpful? I'd love to hear about your mantra's as well! Leave your comments below!


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