Sunday, June 8, 2014

So you are going to The Makeup Show : What now?

The Makeup Show will be gracing my wonderful city of Chicago this weekend and I thought I would give you guys a few last minute helpful tips to maximize your money and time. 

1. Review your kit
Make note of the products you loved, would like to upgrade, used up and need more of. Don't waste money on things you have no use for and didn't use up within the past 6 months.  

2. Set a "like to try" and "needs" budget 
…and stick to it! This is very important. If you arrive with an unlimited mind set you will spend until you can't spend anymore. 

3. Convenience list
Make note of items you would like that will make your work  easier, look better or improve on your convenience.
A few brands represented at the show this year

4. Familiarize yourself with all education classes
Read up on the keynote speakers, free seminars, hands-on classes and focus series session. Because many things are happening at the same time decide what you feel you need to learn and schedule accordingly. It's best to have this mapped out before you get to the show as things move swiftly and you might miss out chatting with friends. This year they've added a focus group session that features a focus on different areas of artist kit building. You will get to test a range of products to decide which items work best for your kit.

5. Network Network Network
Pass out cards, introduce yourself and remember the person you are passing by today could be the person deciding if you "get the job" tomorrow. This is our community and you have to remember to ensure its growth.

Pro tip: Smile A smile can get you a long way! Don't forget to have a great time!!!

I'll be at The Makeup Light booth all day tomorrow doing makeup. Stop by and say hello!   

Nicole Rogers
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