Friday, June 6, 2014

"Pick My Brain" : Scott Barnes Hands on Workshop Chicago

Two of my favorite books for inspiration and instruction are "About Face" and "Face to Face" both penned by Scott Barnes. I've read them many times so you can imagine I was more than excited to hear he'd be bringing his hands on workshop to Chicago.

Scott first let the class know that he was all for video recording. This was quite refreshing as most instructors frown upon recording their classes. He did mention that he was sharing his most valued secrets and not to share them with those who did not attend though. So instead of spilling his secrets I'll be sharing my experience through photos. Enjoy!

I picked up all of Scott's Blushers and bronzers to test out. They were all very pigmented with the perfect colors for many skin tones. 
Scott Barnes line of Bronzers and Blushers
Application using Scott's technique and blush using Scott Barnes products

Scott Barnes with model before
Scott Barnes model after photo
Scott delivered very detailed instructions on how to complete a full face with glowing highlights and subtle contouring that remains fluid in appearance and last all day and night. 

We were then asked to execute what we learned on our models while he answered more of our questions one on one. 

Hands on portion of class with makeup by Nicole Rogers 
Pro tip: When taking classes always bring a note pad and pen, a camera with a zoom and an open mind. You may think you will remember what you learned but it's always great to review your notes, pictures and practice when you've had some down time.

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