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5 Tips To Conservative Non-Makeup/Makeup Wearers

Clean Full coverage makeup for a photo shoot (makeup by
Nicole Rogers)
Every time someone finds out I'm a makeup artist they have one of three responses "oh. I don't wear makeup, just gloss and mascara" or "I don't need that, it looks funny on me" or "Great! Where do I sign up". Out of pure curiosity, I ask reasons why not and it boils down to two main things. 1. They are applying it all wrong and have never had it applied properly or 2. They don't know what to ask for when working with a professional and end up disappointed.

Well here's some news….Not every makeup application has to look overdone with a super sculpted face and etch n sketch brows. We can reserve that for the entertainers and showgirls. For my conservative makeup wearers, here area few tips that will help!

1. "I want my makeup natural" - Although you may think so this is not as descriptive as you'd like to think. Your version of "natural" and say Dolly Parton's version vary……drastically. When working with a professional you should make note to mention how much of your skin will show through the makeup if any. Picture examples are a gals best friend.
Bridal makeup She's %80 covered with her natural
freckles peeking through (makeup by Nicole Rogers)

2. "Makeup is so heavy" - This may have been true for makeup in the 80's and limited drugstore finds but these days there are so many choices in foundation coverages and finishes. Odds are you are simply heavy handed or haven't found a finish you like. Try applying your concealers and foundations with your ring finger then blending out with a beauty blender or sponge. If it is still too "heavy" mix moisturizer in with the foundation and apply sparingly.

3. "I can't find any colors that work on me" - What's in your closet? I always ask my clients what color clothing do they wear most often. This is usually an indicator of what colors will work well or at the very least what color you might feel comfortable in or be able to contrast with. Lip colors are the easiest ti play with. Be adventurous and try everything until you find something you like. Remember, you can always wash your face later. It's just makeup!

Airbrush makeup (makeup by Nicole Rogers)
4. "All brows are not created equal" - Seriously this has become an epidemic when the men start noticing and commenting. Put the pencils down and back away slowly. First see a professional and get your brows groomed. If you must use a pencil use it only to fill in underneath the brow and the tail. The front of the brows tells how experienced you are in penciling in brows so if you aren't very, skip it. They shouldn't be overly square or look like they are looking for eggs to fertilize.

5. "I don't do Lashes. Lamb chop is not in this season"-
Please don't make "her" story your story. We've all seen the ladies with the "gone with the wind" fabulous lashes however this doesn't have to be you. There are lashes for every eye and every occasion.   They can be custom build and adjusted just for you. When choosing lashes decide first if you are looking to add volume, length, texture or all of the above. For my conservatives choose a natural lash thats shorter in length. Did you find these tips helpful?

I'd love to hear about your makeup follies and jollies. Leave comments below.


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