Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"Pick My Brain" Merrell Hollis Master class Chicago

If you guys read my first "Pick My Brain" blog post, you'll remember this is a series of post involving both upcoming events and classes I've attended involving education for makeup artist and makeup enthusiast. I've unofficially named myself the "guinea guru" of makeup classes.

I wasn't able to attend The Makeup Show New York this year. So instead of sulking, I decided to find some local classes to attend and avoid my instagram and FB newsfeed until The Makeup Show Chicago. lol I know. Silly right?  

My weekend began with Merrell Hollis leading celebrity makeup artist for Wendy Williams and Artistic director for Black Opal Cosmetics, Master class of Beauty. His class was a look and learn put together by Chicago Makeup artist and Event organizer Viola Nicholson.
Merrell Hollis 

(Clock wise makeup artist Tennia williams, Felicia Yvette,
Merrell Hollis and Reggie Wells) 

Makeup artist Deidre Carney

Merrell applied makeup to the model while encouraging attendees to ask questions about his process. My favorite point of focus from Merrell's demo was the foundation coverage, finish and glow. A very close second would be his highlight and contour technique. It was very specific in placement and you couldn't tell where one product began or ended. Flawless!

He shared a few favorite items that he uses in his kit and mentioned that most makeup artist carry black opal in their kits, it just gets repackaged. I can confess to that one. I've been using black Opal for years for my brown girls and I LOVE it. *side note* You guys should try their new Even True liquid foundation. It has medium coverage and dries to a satin finish and it looks gorgeous! 

During the class he mentioned makeup trends and the importance of knowing them for each specific market as well as how they've evolved.  As an added bonus Reggie Wells Celebrity Makeup artist ,and former MUA to Oprah, was also in attendance. He spoke on some of his experiences over the years and the importance wanting to be a great makeup artist first and a "celebrity makeup artist" never. 

"Thank you Merrell!" was the consensus of the attendees as he wrapped up and was happy to stick around a bit to take photos and chat with everyone.   

We also received gift bags with Black Opal Even True foundation, lip gloss, powder, shadow shields and a beauty blender with cleanser. Getting gift bags is great but when you get products you can actually use……It's AMAZING! 

Makeup artist Viola Nicholson
Of course the day would not have been complete without hanging with some of Chicago's finest Makeup artist! Check out my artist selfie session.

Pro tip: Networking is such an important and necessary part of this business. Events like this one are great to bond and catch up with fellow artist. 

Were you able to attend this event or have questions about it? Comment below. 

Stay tuned for more class reviews from my weekend….. Scott barnes workshop and Chicago Beauty Exchange

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