Monday, March 17, 2014

So you want to pick my brain eh? (Invest in the best)

Don't get me wrong, this isn't really a post about picking my brain. This will be a series of post involving both upcoming events and classes I've attended involving education for makeup artist and makeup enthusiast. (Be on the look out for future "pick my brain" posts)

I understand that everyone needs a hand every now and again so I'm here to give it. You can consider me your personal guinea guru of makeup classes. I'll let you know whether you should invest, pass or visit youtube instead. Review to follow.

 Workshops by Marietta Carter Narcisse
This is a online makeup course designed to bridge the gap between the classroom and set. She currently offers two courses  (Script breakdown and set etiquette) and (Minding your makeup business). You can find more information on each class as well as payments in the link above. Some of her work credits include films Malcolm X, The Negotiator and Sparkle (2012).

Price $500 (for those of you who need it. That's 3 hours a day for 3 days figures around $55/hr) What a steal!

Pros: There is homework
         You can attend from home
         Loads of information including some not listed
         She makes sure you understand the information before moving on

Cons: There is homework *lol*

*My honest opinion: I took Marietta's (Minding your makeup business) this past quarter and I learned a bunch.  She was very knowledgeable and covered every subject listed on her site. There were other students in the class as well that were very knowledgeable. I mention that to say this course is great for the beginner to the well informed professional looking for a refresher and great for networking. While I have been known to travel for additional education, after having my last baby, I've had to curb my traveling a bit. Being a working mommy of 3, I really liked that I could take the course online in the comfort of my own home. I was literally cooking, changing diapers and checking homework at the same time! lol (I love to multitask) There were also times where I was not at home and I still was able to participate in class via my cell phone. We were given quizzes and homework assignments all geared to get our proper paperwork together for potential clients and ensure that we be ready for that next resume request or deal memo request. I gave this workshop 4 out of 5 stars…..simply because nothing in life is perfect….it sure was close though. *snickers*

You should Invest!!!

Upcoming workshops Chicago

"Master class of beauty"….One day only!! *NEW DATE* May 3rd, 2-4pm at The Godfrey Hotel! Get ready for Merrell Hollis, Leading Celebrity Makeup artist for Wendy Williams and Artistic director for Black Opal Cosmetics. Artist of all levels welcome. Price $90

This is a master beauty class put together by Viola Nicholson. I had the pleasure of attending one of her previous workshops featuring Sam Fine : Another fine day . I had such a great time I blogged about it. Check it out in link above.

I love watching other artist work! You can learn so much just by watching. This is a wonderful opportunity to watch him work and ask questions! For $90 it would be foolish to pass up! I spend more than that on brushes. This too is a steal!

I'll be in attendance and would love to see some of my readers there. Be sure to find me and say hello!

Have you attended any classes this year or would like for me to attend and review? If so, how did you like them and let me know which ones and I'll check them out!

Pro tip: You should also check out Marietta's MUA Planner. This is a great resource for artist and contains savings plans, every trade show and event artist should know about along with a space for your 2014 action plans. I have one and it has been a life saver!

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Annnnnnddd I'm Back (Concealer….every girl should own some)

It's been a while….well not that long if you've been following my Facebook page. :) I took a little time to get acclimated to having (the last of my tribe) my baby girl. Now that I've taught her how to entertain herself, got her nap times and feedings down to a science, I can get back to keeping my blog properly updated. Yay for me….and you for you too!

Behind the scene photo from my recent shoot Nicole Rogers Makeup and Hair

Photography by Andrew Thomas Clifton
When approaching a makeup application I always like to take a picture to see what the camera sees so I can know exactly what I want to disappear or add too. Camera's tell the tale very honestly. With this model she had very nice skin and I could tell she took care of it. She complained about her under eye area as being hereditary and I agreed. (See if you can guess her nationality. I tried and failed lol) For this shoot I was looking for a very soft, clean beauty look. As you can see concealing her under eye area really brightened up her look!

Although I'm not a "super" huge MAC fan I do LOVE the Pro Longwear concealer. I use this for myself when I only want to brighten up the area under my eyes. I do not put this anywhere else on my face. It's silicone based but also has some water in it. (I imagine its loaded with loads of binders to make that combo work)  So if you have super sensitive skin this might be pass worthy. I however LOVE it!

Pros: 1. It provides great coverage with the ability to be used in thin layers to keep the appearance of skin.

2. It's silicone based.

3. Once it dries it's not moving anywhere if powered properly.

4. It contains Glycerin in small amounts. This would be one of those binders I mentioned earlier. Well I personally love glycerin as its a humectant and helps to retain moisture but some of us with super oily skin might want to run away. lol (I still say try it. You can always take it back *snickers*)

Cons: 1. One pump for me is enough for 3 people. lol

2. It's silicone based. Some people have sensitivities to silicone so this will not be an ideal product for you.

Pro tip:  Let one layer of product dry before adding another using your ring finger in a light tapping motion. Remember working in thin layers will save your life! ….well maybe it won't do exactly that but you will definitely look like "you woke up like this"  lol

Have you tried any concealers that you found were great or not so great? What were they?

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