Monday, October 29, 2012

"Another Fine day": Sam Fine Interactive Workshop

                       It was a another fine day in chicago this past Saturday at the Dana Hotel and Spa. "Another Fine Day" Sam Fine interactive workshop that is!  Makeup artist came from all over the country to get their fill of makeup knowledge and a bit of networking from renowned artist Sam Fine. Put together by Chicago native Viola Nicholson of Viola Nicholson Image Consulting Group, the workshop was very well put together and proved to be a mecca of education, fellowship and networking!                                                                                  

Viola Nicholson and her son 
Me and Viola Nicholson
Sam educating during the interactive workshop 
Here are a few tid bits Sam gave during the workshop that stood out to me.

#1 "Own your steps as an artist" Combine what is taught and what you find works best as an artist. 
#2 "Learn to manipulate your makeup products so you get the full benefit from them" 
#3 "Placement is everything" In regard to Contouring and Highlighting.  
#4 "It's your job to educate your clients as an artist" 
#5 "Go get your NO!" You've got to get up, get out, get something and make things happen! 

Sam signing my "Fine Beauty" book 
Jennifer James and Nicole Rogers 

Makeup artist Masika, Angela and Yvonne 

Attendees with The Glam Doctor Rashida 

 Were any of you in attendance at "Another Fine Day"? I'd love to hear about your experience! For awesome beauty tips you can follow Sam Fine on Twitter @Samfinebeauty and you can keep up with upcoming events via Viola Nicholson on twitter @violanicholson and via