Thursday, July 19, 2012

Product Review: Mehron Celebre Pro Foundation

I'm so excited about my new Celebre HD pro Foundation palette! It's proving to be more versatile than I ever imagined. I was searching for a new foundation (new meaning something I didn't have already) that gave more coverage and were very affordable. After doing the math (because I always do the math) This palette was a steal at a whopping .35 cent a gram. Each pot contains 25 grams of product.

For transporting my foundations, I decided to depot them and place them in a smaller container from Monda Studio. As you  can see only a small amount was used to fill each well. This was great news for back! :-))

Check out the pictured tattoo cover below using only Mehron celebre HD Pro Foundations. I didn't color correct or use anything on the skin other than the foundation. I thought it covered very well and did leave the skin looking and feeling like skin. I am more than pleased with my purchase!
   Partial tattoo cover using only Mehron Celebre HD foundation

Bombshell Tip: This product mixes well with other silicone based products. The Face Atelier product Heat can be mixed with this product to add warmth when needed.

Have you bought any products that you love lately? If so, What are they?