Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Makeup Show : Chicago

 The Makeup Show Chicago proved to be an event not worth missing! From the wonderful vendors and knowledgable educators to the massive network of eager makeup artists, it was a one stop shop for all things cosmetic. On Day one I decided to set my focus on education and picked up a few items that needed to be replaced. Most of those items were skin care items, cosmetic cleansers, brushes, organizational supplies and sponges. 
I picked up some Cinema Secrets brush cleaner, So clean spray brush cleaner, London brush cleaner, Beauty blender cleanser and additional beauty blenders. Can you tell I love to clean brushes! lol on my list of wants I ended up picking up a few cosmetic products to test out including a neutral eye shadow palette I've been eyeballing for a while now. I'll be sure to update you guys with reviews on everything! 
My Makeup Show Haul

Kathy Aragon teaching (perfecting the canvas class) 

I took a hands-on workshop with Kathy Aragon called perfecting the canvas. In it she discussed the steps she takes to achieve the perfect glow and what products she couldn't live without. I was happy to know we love some of the same things! Face Atelier being one of them! Her application was very clean and detailed leaving the skin looking very supple and natural. She also spoke of the importance of knowing what base your skin care and makeup products are. For me this answers why some products separate and don't work well together. Remember water and oil don't mix. :-)) 
The Key Note speaker Billy B and Nicole Rogers
The Key note speaker Billy B was a fan favorite on day 2. He's works with some industry heavy weights such as Lady Gaga, Pink, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, and Beyonce to name a few..... very few. He rocks! He spoke of knowing your end game in his "Career GPS" lecture and getting rid of your career side seat drivers. It was a motivational kick in the ass that so many needed hear including my self. Billy was so informative and humble. If you missed it be sure to check it out on Beautylish.com when they post it.
20+ artist met for dinner at the Grand Lux Fun times!
After The Makeup Show I went out to dinner with 20 fellow makeup artist from all over. We sat, we laughed and we ate until about 10:30pm. It truly was a wonderful experience as everyone got along and it was all in the name of makeup! Cool right? I met so many wonderful ladies with beautiful spirits! I was truly in great company!

I hope most of you were able to make it to The Makeup Show this year! If you were, what did you learn and what did you buy?

Hopefully we'll meet this year in Europe or Orlando! Ciao!


  1. It was a great class! And Billy B was amazing!

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