Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Don't take my word for it! : Product Review (London brush Company vs The Masters brush Cleaner)

The internet is full of information which often turns out to simply be opinions on products and what things you "must have". When it comes to products, instead of taking someones word for it, why not experiment and come to your own conclusions? This is a common practice for me as I love to try new things! Here's my process! 

This post I'll be reviewing 2 solid brush cleaners London Brush Company brush shampoo and The Master's Brush Cleaner and Preserver

 At first glance the two products looked and felt very similar. Both have a solid white appearance with a slight waxy feel but London Brush company appears to have a bit more oil in it. I say this because there was more slip when rubbed between two fingers. Both products had a great fragrance. The Master's Brush Cleaner had a lemon scent that didn't  leave a scent in my brushes which I liked. I purchased the London Brush Company solid shampoo in lavender/rosemary. This too did not leave a scent in my brushes. It is a lavender/rosemary mix but I definitely smell more rosemary than lavender. 

On to the fun part! Brush shampooing time! First up is The London Brush Company. You first have to dampen your brush and then swirl it into the solid cleanser and work it into the palm of your hand. As you can see it doesn't lather in the container however it does lather in the palm of my hand but not excessively. Surprisingly I did the exact same thing with the Masters Brusher Cleaner and Preserver and it did exactly the same thing. Go figure! 

To remain objective I used the same white brush with the same dark colored eyeshadow when cleansing with each product. Both brushes went back to their original state and felt great! I even cleaned two more identical brush mixed them up and I couldn't tell which brush had been cleaned with what. Both cleansers left my brushes feeling soft and well moisturized. I also cleaned a few other brushes that had dried gel liner on them and they both cleaned like a charm! Folks I think we have a dupe!
 (drying time: Both took at least 20 to 30 minutes to dry small brushes and longer for bigger fluffier brushes) 

 The only thing that concerns me is I haven't been able to find an ingredient list for the Masters Brush cleaner. I like to know what's in my cleansers. It allows me to make sure I can avoid certain skin allergies prior to use. The London Brush company has their ingredients printed on the container which I love!!! Because I'm an avid supporter of small business' I will continue to support The London Brush Company. They have some of the softest brushes and are cruelty free! 
*Update* Here's a pricing tidbit for you: The London Brush Company cost $38 for 2oz retail and The Master's Brush Cleaner and Preserver cost $3.99 for 1oz or $20 for 24 oz. Wowzers!

I won't have to buy anymore solid cleanser for a very long time as I have 5 ounces and a little product goes a loooooong way! I'm very pleased with both purchases! I found both to be excellent cleansers and I'd repurchase both when I need to......but don't take my word for it! Try them out yourself!

Have you experimented with any products and found them to be almost identical in nature? We'd love to hear your finding in the comments!

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