Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Holy Eyelash Batman!!!! You've had that on for how long?

Individual lashes (strip glue) by Nicole Rogers
This is such a touchy subject.....Eyelashes! How long do you wear yours and how do you apply them? I've recently been exposed to the world of using hair glue or nail glue to bond eyelashes. You cannot imagine my shock and surprise. First off "where they do dat at?" lol I can't say this enough, if this is something you are currently doing to yourself.....please stop. If this is something you are letting someone else do to you open your eyes (if you can) then run fast and run far.

Well lucky for you I'm here to help!
Individual lashes (Ind. lash glue) by Nicole Rogers 
Here are some eyelash facts and Intended usage of eyelash glue: 

*Strip lash glue last for the occasion and is heavier and able to hold Individual lashes, normal strip lashes and fantasy lashes. It comes in black (dries black) and white (dries clear). It usually has latex in it and dries to a rubbery texture.

*Individual lash glue last for up to 2 weeks and is a lighter weight compared to strip lash glue. It can only hold individual lashes and should NEVER be used with anything else. It comes in black and clear. The wearer's longevity depends on the individual's oil production and lifestyle. (If you do "hot yoga" several times a week, odds are your lashes will not last to long) It dries clear and hardens once completely dry. You should ALWAYS use a glue remover with this product.

*Lash Extension glue can last the natural life cycle of your lashes (1 month or more). Keep in mind your lashes are always growing and falling out. Touch up's will be needed every couple weeks to maintain the look. It is the thinnest of all the glues and dries hard. It does look very natural as the lashes are applied to each individual hair. Removal should be done by a professional.

Please be advised that using any glue that is not intended for use in the eye area is dangerous business. Don't let your hunt for a good deal put your eyes at risk.
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