Monday, October 29, 2012

"Another Fine day": Sam Fine Interactive Workshop

                       It was a another fine day in chicago this past Saturday at the Dana Hotel and Spa. "Another Fine Day" Sam Fine interactive workshop that is!  Makeup artist came from all over the country to get their fill of makeup knowledge and a bit of networking from renowned artist Sam Fine. Put together by Chicago native Viola Nicholson of Viola Nicholson Image Consulting Group, the workshop was very well put together and proved to be a mecca of education, fellowship and networking!                                                                                  

Viola Nicholson and her son 
Me and Viola Nicholson
Sam educating during the interactive workshop 
Here are a few tid bits Sam gave during the workshop that stood out to me.

#1 "Own your steps as an artist" Combine what is taught and what you find works best as an artist. 
#2 "Learn to manipulate your makeup products so you get the full benefit from them" 
#3 "Placement is everything" In regard to Contouring and Highlighting.  
#4 "It's your job to educate your clients as an artist" 
#5 "Go get your NO!" You've got to get up, get out, get something and make things happen! 

Sam signing my "Fine Beauty" book 
Jennifer James and Nicole Rogers 

Makeup artist Masika, Angela and Yvonne 

Attendees with The Glam Doctor Rashida 

 Were any of you in attendance at "Another Fine Day"? I'd love to hear about your experience! For awesome beauty tips you can follow Sam Fine on Twitter @Samfinebeauty and you can keep up with upcoming events via Viola Nicholson on twitter @violanicholson and via

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Product Review: Mehron Celebre Pro Foundation

I'm so excited about my new Celebre HD pro Foundation palette! It's proving to be more versatile than I ever imagined. I was searching for a new foundation (new meaning something I didn't have already) that gave more coverage and were very affordable. After doing the math (because I always do the math) This palette was a steal at a whopping .35 cent a gram. Each pot contains 25 grams of product.

For transporting my foundations, I decided to depot them and place them in a smaller container from Monda Studio. As you  can see only a small amount was used to fill each well. This was great news for back! :-))

Check out the pictured tattoo cover below using only Mehron celebre HD Pro Foundations. I didn't color correct or use anything on the skin other than the foundation. I thought it covered very well and did leave the skin looking and feeling like skin. I am more than pleased with my purchase!
   Partial tattoo cover using only Mehron Celebre HD foundation

Bombshell Tip: This product mixes well with other silicone based products. The Face Atelier product Heat can be mixed with this product to add warmth when needed.

Have you bought any products that you love lately? If so, What are they?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Don't take my word for it! : Product Review (London brush Company vs The Masters brush Cleaner)

The internet is full of information which often turns out to simply be opinions on products and what things you "must have". When it comes to products, instead of taking someones word for it, why not experiment and come to your own conclusions? This is a common practice for me as I love to try new things! Here's my process! 

This post I'll be reviewing 2 solid brush cleaners London Brush Company brush shampoo and The Master's Brush Cleaner and Preserver

 At first glance the two products looked and felt very similar. Both have a solid white appearance with a slight waxy feel but London Brush company appears to have a bit more oil in it. I say this because there was more slip when rubbed between two fingers. Both products had a great fragrance. The Master's Brush Cleaner had a lemon scent that didn't  leave a scent in my brushes which I liked. I purchased the London Brush Company solid shampoo in lavender/rosemary. This too did not leave a scent in my brushes. It is a lavender/rosemary mix but I definitely smell more rosemary than lavender. 

On to the fun part! Brush shampooing time! First up is The London Brush Company. You first have to dampen your brush and then swirl it into the solid cleanser and work it into the palm of your hand. As you can see it doesn't lather in the container however it does lather in the palm of my hand but not excessively. Surprisingly I did the exact same thing with the Masters Brusher Cleaner and Preserver and it did exactly the same thing. Go figure! 

To remain objective I used the same white brush with the same dark colored eyeshadow when cleansing with each product. Both brushes went back to their original state and felt great! I even cleaned two more identical brush mixed them up and I couldn't tell which brush had been cleaned with what. Both cleansers left my brushes feeling soft and well moisturized. I also cleaned a few other brushes that had dried gel liner on them and they both cleaned like a charm! Folks I think we have a dupe!
 (drying time: Both took at least 20 to 30 minutes to dry small brushes and longer for bigger fluffier brushes) 

 The only thing that concerns me is I haven't been able to find an ingredient list for the Masters Brush cleaner. I like to know what's in my cleansers. It allows me to make sure I can avoid certain skin allergies prior to use. The London Brush company has their ingredients printed on the container which I love!!! Because I'm an avid supporter of small business' I will continue to support The London Brush Company. They have some of the softest brushes and are cruelty free! 
*Update* Here's a pricing tidbit for you: The London Brush Company cost $38 for 2oz retail and The Master's Brush Cleaner and Preserver cost $3.99 for 1oz or $20 for 24 oz. Wowzers!

I won't have to buy anymore solid cleanser for a very long time as I have 5 ounces and a little product goes a loooooong way! I'm very pleased with both purchases! I found both to be excellent cleansers and I'd repurchase both when I need to......but don't take my word for it! Try them out yourself!

Have you experimented with any products and found them to be almost identical in nature? We'd love to hear your finding in the comments!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Makeup Show : Chicago

 The Makeup Show Chicago proved to be an event not worth missing! From the wonderful vendors and knowledgable educators to the massive network of eager makeup artists, it was a one stop shop for all things cosmetic. On Day one I decided to set my focus on education and picked up a few items that needed to be replaced. Most of those items were skin care items, cosmetic cleansers, brushes, organizational supplies and sponges. 
I picked up some Cinema Secrets brush cleaner, So clean spray brush cleaner, London brush cleaner, Beauty blender cleanser and additional beauty blenders. Can you tell I love to clean brushes! lol on my list of wants I ended up picking up a few cosmetic products to test out including a neutral eye shadow palette I've been eyeballing for a while now. I'll be sure to update you guys with reviews on everything! 
My Makeup Show Haul

Kathy Aragon teaching (perfecting the canvas class) 

I took a hands-on workshop with Kathy Aragon called perfecting the canvas. In it she discussed the steps she takes to achieve the perfect glow and what products she couldn't live without. I was happy to know we love some of the same things! Face Atelier being one of them! Her application was very clean and detailed leaving the skin looking very supple and natural. She also spoke of the importance of knowing what base your skin care and makeup products are. For me this answers why some products separate and don't work well together. Remember water and oil don't mix. :-)) 
The Key Note speaker Billy B and Nicole Rogers
The Key note speaker Billy B was a fan favorite on day 2. He's works with some industry heavy weights such as Lady Gaga, Pink, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, and Beyonce to name a few..... very few. He rocks! He spoke of knowing your end game in his "Career GPS" lecture and getting rid of your career side seat drivers. It was a motivational kick in the ass that so many needed hear including my self. Billy was so informative and humble. If you missed it be sure to check it out on when they post it.
20+ artist met for dinner at the Grand Lux Fun times!
After The Makeup Show I went out to dinner with 20 fellow makeup artist from all over. We sat, we laughed and we ate until about 10:30pm. It truly was a wonderful experience as everyone got along and it was all in the name of makeup! Cool right? I met so many wonderful ladies with beautiful spirits! I was truly in great company!

I hope most of you were able to make it to The Makeup Show this year! If you were, what did you learn and what did you buy?

Hopefully we'll meet this year in Europe or Orlando! Ciao!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Makeup Show: Blogger Preview Chicago

I had the opportunity to attend the Blogger preview this year in Chicago and you guys are in store for a great show!  James Vincent  ,director of artistry and education for the makeup show, welcomed the group with a jolly grin and love for the midwest. If you've ever had the pleasure of meeting James you already know he has an infectious smile and great attitude.

He gave us the run down of The Makeup Show while showing us this years must have products most of which were included in our swag bags. Can you say AWESOME? Instead of boring you with a complete list of products I'll be reviewing each of them separately in future blog post starting with OCC cosmetics newest lip tar (Radiate). It's their latest lip tar that can be used as a cheek color, lip color and on the eyes in limited cases. I met up with some great ladies while there too. Enjoy a few photos I took while at the preview.

Nicole Rogers and James Vincent  
Nicole Rogers, Jennifer James and Viola Nicholson

Rachel Odom and Ladwina Holmes

Kathy Duncan (left)

James Vincent showing Viola love!

Jennifer James doing what she does best!
Will you be meeting me at The Makeup Show? Or will you be beating me there?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Holy Eyelash Batman!!!! You've had that on for how long?

Individual lashes (strip glue) by Nicole Rogers
This is such a touchy subject.....Eyelashes! How long do you wear yours and how do you apply them? I've recently been exposed to the world of using hair glue or nail glue to bond eyelashes. You cannot imagine my shock and surprise. First off "where they do dat at?" lol I can't say this enough, if this is something you are currently doing to yourself.....please stop. If this is something you are letting someone else do to you open your eyes (if you can) then run fast and run far.

Well lucky for you I'm here to help!
Individual lashes (Ind. lash glue) by Nicole Rogers 
Here are some eyelash facts and Intended usage of eyelash glue: 

*Strip lash glue last for the occasion and is heavier and able to hold Individual lashes, normal strip lashes and fantasy lashes. It comes in black (dries black) and white (dries clear). It usually has latex in it and dries to a rubbery texture.

*Individual lash glue last for up to 2 weeks and is a lighter weight compared to strip lash glue. It can only hold individual lashes and should NEVER be used with anything else. It comes in black and clear. The wearer's longevity depends on the individual's oil production and lifestyle. (If you do "hot yoga" several times a week, odds are your lashes will not last to long) It dries clear and hardens once completely dry. You should ALWAYS use a glue remover with this product.

*Lash Extension glue can last the natural life cycle of your lashes (1 month or more). Keep in mind your lashes are always growing and falling out. Touch up's will be needed every couple weeks to maintain the look. It is the thinnest of all the glues and dries hard. It does look very natural as the lashes are applied to each individual hair. Removal should be done by a professional.

Please be advised that using any glue that is not intended for use in the eye area is dangerous business. Don't let your hunt for a good deal put your eyes at risk.
Have any additional questions? Let's start a discussion in the comments. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bombshell Best buys of 2011!

Each year I go through my yearly purchases and determine what the "best buys" and "bust" were. This helps me determine what products I use most often and should be on the "discount" hunt for. Below are a few of my favorites of 2011!

Kryolan palette 
This has to be my favorite shadow palette. It has the perfect amount of shimmer to it. I use it on the eyes as well as the face. My brides love it!

Makeup Forever Aqua Lip pencils 
These are my favorite pencils for my brides! Waterproof and they give the perfect base to a long lasting lip for blushing brides.

OCC Lip Tars
A little bit goes a long way with these little wonders. They are highly pigmented and I use them in a variety of ways.  You can check out my review here.

Although I love products, I always spend money on education. This way my clients can rest easily in knowing I'm staying on top of my makeup and hair skills.
Petra Alexandra Inc"All about eyes" class
I took this class May of last year during my annual trip to New York.  I learned all I could about brows and couldn't be happier with my investment. You can read more about it here.

I'm well on my way with 2012's purchases and haven't been disappointed yet. My next big buy will be hair related. I've got my eye's on America's Beauty show. I can't wait!

What were some of your favorite purchases from last year?