Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Memphis the Musical

                I had the pleasure of viewing the Musical Memphis last night and I was blown away by the amount of talent exhibited on stage! This Musical won the Tony award last year for best musical. Let me first start off by saying my husband surprised me with this lovely event and I was quite shocked when he mentioned that he really enjoyed it as well! (That's saying something as he usually doesn't like Back to the musical!

The musical was a love story set in the 1950's era between two unlikely characters for the time. A local white Dj (Huey) Bryan Fenkart and a black night club singer (Felicia) Felicia Boswell trying to make something of themselves. The soundtrack reminds you of a time where "musical was real" full of rhythm and blues. Felicia Boswell has one of those voices you won't forget!  It's a must see!

Of course this post would not be complete without commenting on the hair, makeup and wardrobe!
The costumes were a fantastic capture of the 1950's. Felicia's stage costumes showed the elegance of the 50's with tailored dresses and beading. The teens had poodle skirts, and men sported patterned sweaters, polo's and slacks.

(Below Felecia Boswell from the musical Memphis.)

I really get the fifties vibe from her hair and makeup which was executed fabulously! Her brows are highly arched to a point with winged/doe liner and a heavily lined matte red lip.  I'd actually wear this look and adapt it to fit my own style by blending the lip liner a bit and adding a little gold shimmer to highlight my cheeks for extra added glow.

Have you ever been to a musical? What's your favorite one?

You can check out the cast and chicago show dates via there website.

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