Monday, August 9, 2010

Tips for successfully finding your wedding day Makeup Artist

Makeup artists are a dime a dozen however finding a good one could prove to be more of a challenge. You will have many decisions to make while leading up to your big day, don't skimp on your hair and makeup. Here are a few tips to help find a good one!

1. Determine your budget for makeup and hair. In general makeup and hair will cost between $175 - $350 depending on the artist, if the artist is coming on location and skill level.

2. Do your research: I cannot stress the importance of researching your artist. Look not only where they were educated, but how much experience do they have in bridal makeup and do you love their work?

3. Phone your artist: There's no harm in a phone call or cost! You can learn a lot from a phone call ie: professionalism, personality and price range. Have a list of questions/concerns handy to ask when you call. The first question you should be asking is "Are you available for "this" date?"

4. Book a pre wedding trial: With some artist this is different from a consultation. Be sure to ask so you know the difference. At the prewedding trial you will have a full face makeup application of the look you plan to wear. This takes at the max 2 hours. As a general rule when spending time with a professional a fee is usually incurred however there are some artist who do not charge for this service. Others will discount this rate based upon booking the actual wedding date.

5. If you decide not to go with the artist you've had trial with make a note of the things you did not like so you can communicate what it is you would like to have done differently.

So now that you've completed all these steps to finding your wedding day makeup artist. Now all you have to do is apply your knowledge! Have fun during your search!

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