Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Help! I have to much makeup! I have been so abundantly blessed with products that I feel the need to share. But I wouldn't feel right if I didn't get something out of this right? So here's the deal. I love helping charities and also love reading stories about people helping others. So I would love to hear yours! How did you help someone in need when they needed it the most? It can be a simple as dropping change for a stranger or running into a burning building to save my mean my doggie. lol
I'd like for you to post your stories in the discussion section on my fan page Get your friends to join and comment on your stories and a winner will be selected weekly.

I am looking forward to reading some of your stories. We are working on the honor system so let's try to be truthful!

This weeks prize will focus on the lashes:
system, Loreal voluminous Original in black and a pair of strip lashes.

Ofcourse all prizes are unopened and unused!

Bombshell tip: Hire a professional when it comes to individual lashes. There is nothing worse than removing your false lashes only to discover you have removed your real lash as well.