Monday, May 24, 2010

I Look Gorgeous In Green

I had the pleasure to sample some EcoTools products and they aren't half bad! I tried the Clean Skin ,Cleaner World body wash, Passion For Change Body mist and Love Heels intensive heel cream. I loved the smell of each product however I would not suggest shaving before using the body mist which contains loads of alcohol. (Ouch!) The Shampoo contains Sodium laurel sulfoacetate which is derived from coconut and palm oil. This is not to be confused with Sodium laurel sulfate that often irritates the skin with prolonged exposure. This product is easily rinsed off and doesn't leave the film you get from bar soap.

EcoTools is encouraging women to get "gorgeously green" with their beauty routine. I love it!

I used the cellulose facial sponges to encourage a light exfoliation.
This is a must have for my beauty routine!

My brows always have to be well groomed so I also tried the Bamboo lash and brow groomer which uses cruelty free hair, all natural and recycled materials. Very stiff brush and combs through the most unruly of brows!

I was not able to test out the entire brush line but they are so affordable, Check em out!
Individual ecoTOOLs brushes cost between $2.99 and $7.99. But for just $10.99, you can own the 5 Piece Brush Set – housed in a 100% linen and hemp cosmetic case.

Are you going green in your beauty routines? I'd love to hear how!

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  1. I love ecoTOOLS brushes!! I love the fact that they're inexpensive and great quality.