Monday, April 19, 2010

I had a chance to work on the set of "Bang for Your Buck" HGTV DC/Baltimore area. I waited to blog about it until now. First off the city was beautiful! I'm a sucker for great architecture in any city but being from Chicago, it's quite difficult to impress me. The DC area architecture proved quite interesting.

The first 2 days I was in the DC area. The homes featured had wonderful qualities but the focus was on the master suites. I was responsible for makeup and hair for the host Sabrina Soto, guest real estate expert and homeowners. Everyone had such wonderful personalities! It never felt like work! Each day was at a max of 9 working hours. Over the 2 days we visited 3 homes each time looking at the master suites. The crew was very efficient and managed to stay ahead of schedule. Although I'm not a morning person at all, the crew showed up smiling and full of energy making it difficult not to join in the fun!

The next 2 days the homes were in the Baltimore area. I must admit the drive to the first location looked like a scene out of "The Wire" with the row homes but the further I drove the nicer the homes began to look. The focus room on these days were the kitchen space. I love a beautiful kitchen....eventhough I'm not much of a cook!

I was again responsible for makeup and hair for the host Taniya Nayak, real estate expert and the home owners. The homeowner's of the last location prepared one of the best seafood dishes I've ever had. The fish was so fresh! We had crab cakes, crab salad, seafood gumbo and crab rolls and a host of other items. I felt like such a pig! Everyone was very gracious as they were the only homeowners to provide homemade lunch for us! This was worth the whole trip for me!

Products used: I airbrushed everyone using the Temptu Pro Airbrush System for light even coverage. I also used Makeup Forever HD powder to set.

Bombshell Tip: To get more "bang for your buck" out of your foundations, try mixing it with a moisturizer and create a tinted moisturizer for the summer. This gives a lighter coverage but won't feel so heavy for the summer heat.

Check out some of the photos from behind the scene! Enjoy! What are some interesting cities you've visited? I'd love to hear your stories!

Be on the look out for the upcoming episode is June on HGTV! Check cable station near you!