Thursday, March 18, 2010

Champagne Beauty On A Beer Budget

It's no secret that I have an insane love for makeup. What you may not know is I am very frugal when it comes to spending. I will spend my last dollar ($1) on some makeup but I want to get some foundation, lipstick and liner for it. lol Although this might not always be an option, here are some great beauty finds found in our friendly convenient stores.

For foundation I used Covergirl queen collection (creme compact) $7.87 in Warm Carmel. You should only be using your foundation to even out your skin. To save on this tutorial I only used one color but I also bought the spicy brown foundation for the upcoming summer months where my skin gets a tad redder. I could use this color now as a contour. What makes this such a great product? This product is completely buildable in coverage and doesn't "flash white" in the photo. That's 2 must haves in any foundation I purchase!
Bombshell Tip: To increase longevity of this product you have to apply a powder to "set" the makeup or you might be wearing it on your shirt!

For eye shadow I used Max Factor's vivid impact dual eyshadows $6.78 (150). I used Revlon's creme eyeshadow palette in (sea shells) $4.97 as a base before applying shadows. I found this really helped the eyeshadow to stay put and show up nicely. I also used it to highlight my browbone as well as my cheekbones.

I used Max Factor's lipfinity longwear lip color $4 as a cheek stain. Because this product was created to last long on the lips it dries quickly, stays put and acts great as a cheek stain. (LOVE IT!)

I love products that can be used multiple ways! Revlon's creme shadow really packed a punk in that area. I also used this palette on my lips!

Try out some of these great affordable products! You won't be disappointed! Save loads of money on you can buy more of it! *smile*

What are some of your great beauty finds in a convenient store? I'd love to hear!