Saturday, January 2, 2010


With the new year here and a world of opportunities on the horizon, Bombshell Artistry has a new look! Stop by and see the many ways you can interact with Bombshell Artistry. Ask questions via blog, become a fan on facebook and Get quick tips by following on twitter @nikkirogers7.

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Every woman has an inner bombshell, we help bring her to the forefront.

Bombshell Tip: Let's not forget while celebrating the new year to take care of your hair and skin! During these winter months it's important to keep your skin and hair well moisturized. For your face try using Oil of Olay daily moisturizer to provide nourishment for your deprived faces. For your hair ,in addition to your regular routine, try adding a moisturizing leave in conditioner. One of my favorites is by PHYTO.

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