Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sit back and RELAX Jack!!!

False relaxer practices have been sending a lot of chemically relaxed sista's running for the curly hills. Although Natural hair is beautiful and has loads of versatility, when done right relaxers can be very beautiful as well. People relax their hair for several reasons but greater manageability of curls is usually the case. Before we reach for the creamy magic wand, there are a few keys to keep in mind when choosing if and what type of relaxer you should get.

*Let me preface this by saying I believe only a professional should be applying chemical services to your hair. This ensures a correct application and prevention of hair loss *

Before you even start to look at a relaxer you must first determine if your hair can handle a chemical relaxer. Not all hair textures are created equal. If you already have damaged natural hair you must either do conditioning treatments to bring the hair to a more healthy state or skip the relaxer all together. (Yes I'm talking to you super dry hair and split end ladies)

This looks like an improperly rinsed or neutralized Relaxer right here ------->

Now let's talk relaxers! I've had many potential clients ask why they shouldn't do their own relaxers. Ummmmm because you were never trained too.....ok ok .....One reason is it's impossible for you to see the new growth while working on your own head. Overlapping product on previously relaxed hair will cause breakage. The second reason?Relaxers are a harsh chemical product and should be handled by a professional. A professional knows which relaxers to apply and how to use and rinse them. Got it?

Box vs No box

The Box: Relaxers that are sold as kits are almost always a calcium relaxer (No Lye) or combination of or derivative. There are a few others and combinations but today I'm focusing on the Calcium/guanidine relaxer kits.

1. These relaxer have the ability to "lock" the cuticle in place making it very difficult to get adequate moisture to the hair. Unevenly process' hair and swells (looks frizzy over time)

2. The calcium in the product builds onto the hair shaft eventually making it look dull and lifeless. (Ever notice how great your looks when you FIRST get a box relaxer and later it's dull, brittle and split?)

3. Not as strong as a Sodium Hydroxide relaxer and the processing time is slightly longer.

No Box: Usually Sodium Hydroxide relaxers (Lye) This is a very dangerous product if handle by a non professional.

1. Faster processing time

2. Allows the hair to be easily, evenly relaxed and conditioned in the same process. Notice how I said relaxed and not BONE Straight. Over straightening will produce damaged hair.

I know what you are thinking. Sodium Hydroxide relaxer are a harsh chemical that breaks and damages the hair..... blah blah blah That only applies to the non professional or professional who doesn't follow or respect the rules.

And here's another tidbit EVERYTHING you do to your hair is damaging. The difference is do you know what to do keep the hair that you have on your head.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Tips for successfully finding your wedding day Makeup Artist

Makeup artists are a dime a dozen however finding a good one could prove to be more of a challenge. You will have many decisions to make while leading up to your big day, don't skimp on your hair and makeup. Here are a few tips to help find a good one!

1. Determine your budget for makeup and hair. In general makeup and hair will cost between $175 - $350 depending on the artist, if the artist is coming on location and skill level.

2. Do your research: I cannot stress the importance of researching your artist. Look not only where they were educated, but how much experience do they have in bridal makeup and do you love their work?

3. Phone your artist: There's no harm in a phone call or cost! You can learn a lot from a phone call ie: professionalism, personality and price range. Have a list of questions/concerns handy to ask when you call. The first question you should be asking is "Are you available for "this" date?"

4. Book a pre wedding trial: With some artist this is different from a consultation. Be sure to ask so you know the difference. At the prewedding trial you will have a full face makeup application of the look you plan to wear. This takes at the max 2 hours. As a general rule when spending time with a professional a fee is usually incurred however there are some artist who do not charge for this service. Others will discount this rate based upon booking the actual wedding date.

5. If you decide not to go with the artist you've had trial with make a note of the things you did not like so you can communicate what it is you would like to have done differently.

So now that you've completed all these steps to finding your wedding day makeup artist. Now all you have to do is apply your knowledge! Have fun during your search!

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Tresses at their best"

As of late it's been super hot and humid, making it difficult to maintain my diva hair status here in Chicago. We all would like to have perfect hair like Tyra Banks or wonderful loose waves like Kim Kardasian but lets face it....... those are WEAVES ladies! Let's keep it real! Wonderful weaves and wigs but still artificial hair. What's going on underneath those hair masterpieces? Looks like traction alopecia for our friendly super model Naomi Campbell.

Let's take a moment and talk about Healthy hair!
I know I just lost all of my Weavalicious sisters but this is especially for you!
Here are a few tip and tricks you can use to maintain the health of your hair!

Of course we can't all have perfect hair but we can take steps to make it look like it!

Tip 1: Make sure you are properly cleansing your hair with the proper products. You should have several different shampoos as your hair does not always need the same thing. If you are frequently using heavy styling products you must have a deep cleansing clarifying shampoo to properly cleanse those strands and follicles.

Tip 2: The only true way to moisturize your hair is with water. Find a moisturizing conditioner that is going to penetrate each hair shaft to bind and hold moisture into the hair. This is especially important for my natural sista's. Natural curly hair tends to be very very dry.

Tip 3: You should limit your time with heat styling tools. If you must indulge always use a heat protectant when using styling tools. Concentrate product on the ends for extra coverage.

Hope this helps you!

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Top Photo by: Nightengale photo
Makeup/Hair: Bombshell Artistry

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Help! I have to much makeup! I have been so abundantly blessed with products that I feel the need to share. But I wouldn't feel right if I didn't get something out of this right? So here's the deal. I love helping charities and also love reading stories about people helping others. So I would love to hear yours! How did you help someone in need when they needed it the most? It can be a simple as dropping change for a stranger or running into a burning building to save my mean my doggie. lol
I'd like for you to post your stories in the discussion section on my fan page Get your friends to join and comment on your stories and a winner will be selected weekly.

I am looking forward to reading some of your stories. We are working on the honor system so let's try to be truthful!

This weeks prize will focus on the lashes:
system, Loreal voluminous Original in black and a pair of strip lashes.

Ofcourse all prizes are unopened and unused!

Bombshell tip: Hire a professional when it comes to individual lashes. There is nothing worse than removing your false lashes only to discover you have removed your real lash as well.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Little sex in another city too!

I guess you can already tell this sequel left a little to be desired. I must admit I am not a previous fan of the show so my opinion may be skewed.
Without giving any spoilers (if there were any) the dialog seemed a bit forced, cliche and over written. In it's defense this may have been how the show was written and they might have been staying true to form. There were a few moments in the movie that made me laugh but for the most part the clothes stole the show! Each actress adorned beautifully constructed garments with vibrant colors and lavish fabrics. There were a few "What in the hell is she wearin?" moments but you can't hit a home run every time right? The makeup and hair were a big hit for me as well however no amount of makeup could hide the massive "crows feet" caused by good ole mother nature. I noticed "carrie" sporting crimped hair at the nape area and loosely spired hair on top. This look had loads of texture and volume. I loved it!

The best part of the entire movie for me all happened in the first 15 minutes. Did they really need 2 1/2 hours to tell this story....I think not. It seemed a bit to long for my liking as there were no car chases or gun shots to keep me focused. Yes I know they never do but a girl can dream. lol

Bombshell Tip: For your clothing palette this season, spice up your wardrobe with some electric color. Adding a pop of color with your shoes can change the look of an old outfit. Trust me!

On a side note the theatre (Gold Class cinemas) where I saw the movie was first rate! They had a special cocktail menu inspired by the movie featuring the Flirtini, Tartini and of course Comos! The seats were plush and fully reclined electronically. If needed the staff had pillows and blankets incase you wanted to get a little more cozy. This was the best theatre I've ever had the pleasure of attending. I will be going back even if it's to see a bad movie! Check out the video tour below!

What's the last movie you saw? Did you like it?

Monday, May 24, 2010

I Look Gorgeous In Green

I had the pleasure to sample some EcoTools products and they aren't half bad! I tried the Clean Skin ,Cleaner World body wash, Passion For Change Body mist and Love Heels intensive heel cream. I loved the smell of each product however I would not suggest shaving before using the body mist which contains loads of alcohol. (Ouch!) The Shampoo contains Sodium laurel sulfoacetate which is derived from coconut and palm oil. This is not to be confused with Sodium laurel sulfate that often irritates the skin with prolonged exposure. This product is easily rinsed off and doesn't leave the film you get from bar soap.

EcoTools is encouraging women to get "gorgeously green" with their beauty routine. I love it!

I used the cellulose facial sponges to encourage a light exfoliation.
This is a must have for my beauty routine!

My brows always have to be well groomed so I also tried the Bamboo lash and brow groomer which uses cruelty free hair, all natural and recycled materials. Very stiff brush and combs through the most unruly of brows!

I was not able to test out the entire brush line but they are so affordable, Check em out!
Individual ecoTOOLs brushes cost between $2.99 and $7.99. But for just $10.99, you can own the 5 Piece Brush Set – housed in a 100% linen and hemp cosmetic case.

Are you going green in your beauty routines? I'd love to hear how!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Makeup Show Product Recap: Face Atelier and IMYB

While at The Makeup Show NYC, I picked up Face Atelier's new Ultra foundation for women of color. I was so impressed! It comes in 3 shades and 2 color correctors. I used this foundation on a shoot yesterday (Pic Shown here) and the foundation went on so smoothly! Did I forget to mention the primer is already in the foundation! Loved it! It gave me the perfect "dewy look" without the work. I contoured her face using only Face Atelier liquid foundation. Because I mixed and matched colors it gave the perfect "glow" effect I was looking for. The only powder product used was blush from a nameless palette. We shot 3 looks and the product held up great!

I also picked up Some of Danessa Myricks products and loved how highly pigmented they were. I used her liner gel to boost the color on the model's lids and one of her paint pots in brown to create the shape of the eye.
(On a side note I found these lashes at the dollar store, don't sleep on the dollar store you can find a few gems in there too!)

Bombshell Tip: It is important to prep the skin with a great moisturizer before applying any products. If possible apply moisturizer then wait 5 minutes and let the product absorb into the skin.

What is the last makeup line you used for your foundation? Did you love it or simply like it? I'd love to hear.

Check out the Face Atelier colors below. This is a great buy for your makeup kit!Ultra Foundations

Monday, April 19, 2010

I had a chance to work on the set of "Bang for Your Buck" HGTV DC/Baltimore area. I waited to blog about it until now. First off the city was beautiful! I'm a sucker for great architecture in any city but being from Chicago, it's quite difficult to impress me. The DC area architecture proved quite interesting.

The first 2 days I was in the DC area. The homes featured had wonderful qualities but the focus was on the master suites. I was responsible for makeup and hair for the host Sabrina Soto, guest real estate expert and homeowners. Everyone had such wonderful personalities! It never felt like work! Each day was at a max of 9 working hours. Over the 2 days we visited 3 homes each time looking at the master suites. The crew was very efficient and managed to stay ahead of schedule. Although I'm not a morning person at all, the crew showed up smiling and full of energy making it difficult not to join in the fun!

The next 2 days the homes were in the Baltimore area. I must admit the drive to the first location looked like a scene out of "The Wire" with the row homes but the further I drove the nicer the homes began to look. The focus room on these days were the kitchen space. I love a beautiful kitchen....eventhough I'm not much of a cook!

I was again responsible for makeup and hair for the host Taniya Nayak, real estate expert and the home owners. The homeowner's of the last location prepared one of the best seafood dishes I've ever had. The fish was so fresh! We had crab cakes, crab salad, seafood gumbo and crab rolls and a host of other items. I felt like such a pig! Everyone was very gracious as they were the only homeowners to provide homemade lunch for us! This was worth the whole trip for me!

Products used: I airbrushed everyone using the Temptu Pro Airbrush System for light even coverage. I also used Makeup Forever HD powder to set.

Bombshell Tip: To get more "bang for your buck" out of your foundations, try mixing it with a moisturizer and create a tinted moisturizer for the summer. This gives a lighter coverage but won't feel so heavy for the summer heat.

Check out some of the photos from behind the scene! Enjoy! What are some interesting cities you've visited? I'd love to hear your stories!

Be on the look out for the upcoming episode is June on HGTV! Check cable station near you!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Champagne Beauty On A Beer Budget

It's no secret that I have an insane love for makeup. What you may not know is I am very frugal when it comes to spending. I will spend my last dollar ($1) on some makeup but I want to get some foundation, lipstick and liner for it. lol Although this might not always be an option, here are some great beauty finds found in our friendly convenient stores.

For foundation I used Covergirl queen collection (creme compact) $7.87 in Warm Carmel. You should only be using your foundation to even out your skin. To save on this tutorial I only used one color but I also bought the spicy brown foundation for the upcoming summer months where my skin gets a tad redder. I could use this color now as a contour. What makes this such a great product? This product is completely buildable in coverage and doesn't "flash white" in the photo. That's 2 must haves in any foundation I purchase!
Bombshell Tip: To increase longevity of this product you have to apply a powder to "set" the makeup or you might be wearing it on your shirt!

For eye shadow I used Max Factor's vivid impact dual eyshadows $6.78 (150). I used Revlon's creme eyeshadow palette in (sea shells) $4.97 as a base before applying shadows. I found this really helped the eyeshadow to stay put and show up nicely. I also used it to highlight my browbone as well as my cheekbones.

I used Max Factor's lipfinity longwear lip color $4 as a cheek stain. Because this product was created to last long on the lips it dries quickly, stays put and acts great as a cheek stain. (LOVE IT!)

I love products that can be used multiple ways! Revlon's creme shadow really packed a punk in that area. I also used this palette on my lips!

Try out some of these great affordable products! You won't be disappointed! Save loads of money on you can buy more of it! *smile*

What are some of your great beauty finds in a convenient store? I'd love to hear!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

To Brush Or Not To Brush (That's the question)

When asked "what type of makeup should I buy?" or "which company make's the best makeup brushes?" I never know what to say. I have a host of product fav's ranging in price, performance and texture! The best advice I can give from my product wonders and blunders is : know what you are looking for your product to do before shopping. If you know exactly what you want your products to do you can eliminate most of the guess work on what to purchase and avoid an impulse buy.

Here is a brief education on foundations.
1. You need to first determine what type of coverage you would like ie full (creme), medium (liquid) or light (tinted moisturizer). Don't forget you can also wear a powder foundation which can go from light to medium coverage.

2. Determine what type of "finish" you would like your skin to have ie satin, matte or dewy.

*I will not be discussing any M.A.C products today in an effort to educate you about other companies that are also good.

(pictured is the Covergirl Queen Collection natural hue compact creme foundation) This product is lightweight and completely buildable for coverage. Great product at an affordable price. The range in colors are perfect for women of color.

Bombshell Tip: For lasting effects set your makeup with a translucent loose powder.

*Note: you should only be using your foundation to even out your skin's appearance. If you look like you are wearing a mask after application you either have on way to much makeup or the wrong color was used.

*Note: Some might require more than one product. I suggest for my ladies with hyper-pigmentation ,like myself, to always have at least 2 foundations on hand. This way you can avoid applying the correct foundation for the darker areas of your face to the lighter areas leaving your face looking unnatural.
For makeup brushes you must remember one important thing.
Your brushes should never be abrasive to the skin. If it hurts when used get rid of them.

Here are a couple brush basics. The stiffer the brush the more concentrated the color application will be. The lighter or flufflier the brush the more diffused the color application will be. With that being said you can find makeup brushes ranging in price. Sonia Kushuk has travel sized brushes for a range of affordable prices. Sigma makeup brushes is a professional brand for brushes but their prices are also affordable. It truly is your preference.

I hope this helps with your makeup shopping! Happy Shopping!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Color breakdown "Fun with Colors"

As promised here is the product breakdown of this look. This could be an everyday look for the everyday diva but I thought it was a bit much to be going to the grocery I went shopping for clothes It was puuuurfect for that! (wink)
I decided to use one of my newer palettes of eyeshadows from Inglot. I absolutely LOVE this company. The colors are highly pigmented and very little goes a long way. For you M.A.Caholics yes this company rivals the best and has quite an extensive color arsenal. This company has been around internationally for 25 years. They've recently opened a store in NYC and are currently getting their web store together. I purchased mine at the Artist Summit Chicago. They have a "freedom system" that allows you to choose the particulars colors you would like to have in your palette. Love this feature!

For my eyes I used 2 colors #446 AMC shine #39 (matte dark purple and shimmer light purple). I used a kiss New york eyeliner pencil under the eye and a loreal liquid eyeliner on the top. What diva would be complete without her diva lashes?
This was all of course after I used an eyeshadow base. To cut the crease I used MAC fluidline pot in dipdown. On my lips "girl about town" by MAC. I actually saw similar colors by mabelline at walgreens that I picked up. I swatched them so you can see. I am not sure of the name or numbers though. I topped the lips off with Victoria Secret gloss in pink berry. For my blush I used my "nameless" palette in a pink/mauve mix.
If you have any question ladies feel free to ask. I am here FOR YOU! If you have any requested looks post them here or my fan page and I will help you out! Thanks for stopping by! Follow my blog -------->

Saturday, January 2, 2010


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Bombshell Tip: Let's not forget while celebrating the new year to take care of your hair and skin! During these winter months it's important to keep your skin and hair well moisturized. For your face try using Oil of Olay daily moisturizer to provide nourishment for your deprived faces. For your hair ,in addition to your regular routine, try adding a moisturizing leave in conditioner. One of my favorites is by PHYTO.

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