Monday, September 21, 2009

Natural Bridal Beauty

This year so far has been one to remember! I've had the pleasure to work with so many brides and wanted to give the brides and their attendants a chance to comment on their experiences. Because I also do more than bridal work, I will also be including behind the scene recaps from various jobs, fashion photos as well as tips for clean and healthy skin.

This bride wanted a very soft and natural look. Her "look" was designed specifically for her needs. She wanted to be made up but did not want to appear as if she had on loads of makeup. Airbrush makeup was used to create that flawless finish! I think we did a great job but what do you think?

Bombshell Beauty Tip: The eyes are the window to your beauty regimen! This area is the first to show signs of lines and wrinkles but does not mean we should over do it with eye creams. Overuse of eye creams can lead to serious under-eye bags from unabsorbed eye creams. Avoid this by using products sparingly and dotting lightly around the orbital bone (bone just under your eye socket) :)


  1. You work is beautiful. I see great things for you in the near future. Your dedication to the profession of applying make-up and styling hair is going to take you to unbelievable places. The clients' make-up always looks so "natural". True beauty shines through when you are done. Kudos to you for having such great talent. God bless you and may He guide your every step.

  2. Hello Nicole,

    As a hairstylist, I must say that I admire your hard work and persistence in the industry. I remember when you drove all the way out to Steger, Illinois at night to do my makeup for my 30th birthday. You were super professional and by the time you were finished we were talking like we were best-friends. That is a perfect example of the attitude and level of professionalism that you must have in this industry. I also would like to add that the makeup job (honey, you beat my face up!) lasted all night in a party that had no air-conditioning on a hot summer night. Too bad the venue that I picked was not as perfect as my makeup