Monday, September 21, 2009

Bombshell Thank you's

I created this post to simply say thank you to all of my clients both current and pending. I truly appreciate your business! I never thought I would have a job that truly never feels like work. I have to give that credit to all of my wonderful clients. Thank you for being so much fun!

Be on the look out for Bombshell Client Appreciation Night! There will be loads of laughter, lashes!

I would love to here some of your reviews and/or experiences with Bombshell Artistry.

(Photography by Tony Smith)


  1. Just passing through to say your makeup in the pic is flawless.

  2. Hey PJD is over here!! Yay! Well you know I am Bombshell Artistry's #1 fan!!! :-) You have come such a long way and are only going to get better and better. I know you're going to become the premiere makeup artists for all of the Hollywood celebs and beyond!

    Hopefully, I'll see you next month. I found out that I won't be home for Thanksgiving and obviously Christmas this year. :-(

  3. I hope I see you too! I will be visiting NYC very soon!
    @PJD Thank you for your compliment!

  4. Hey Nicole, I just want to thank you for the wonderful work you did for my wedding day. Everyone liked my hair and makeup. Both of my bridesmaids looked wonderful too. Additionally, I was impressed by the professionalism you had in handling your business. I wish you all the best with your career and I'll definitely recommend you to my future bride friends.