Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Artist Summit Chicago

I had the pleasure of taking a few workshops with the powder when I first became interested in becoming a makeup artist. I loved it! I did however have to travel to New York. Well this time they are coming to CHICAGO! I'm excited. Can you tell?
This is a wonderful opportunity to get hands on training by some the industry's finest! This will be a great weekend of education and shopping!

Here are a few of the presenters:
Danessa Myricks , Crystal Wright and Johnny Lavoy (Ford Artist) to name a few.

I will definitely be there and hope to see you as well! Don't meet me there beat me there!

For additional information please click the link Artist Summit

Thursday, September 24, 2009

5 Steps to Healthier Skin

In my line of business, I often work with models with near perfect skin. After the pictures are taken the photographer usually goes in and makes it even more perfect. But what does this mean for you and me? Absolutely nothing! No one has perfect skin. It is unrealistic to think that perfect skin is going to happen everyday of our lives. We all have our "battles" with the blemishes. Right? After all we are women. What we can do is make sure our skin remains healthy.

When my skin is clear and healthy, it is at that time I feel most makeup!

Here are 5 steps to clear up skin for a healthier appearance........

1. Eat Healthier foods
What goes in definitely comes out when it comes to our skin. If you are eating a majority of fried greasy foods then your skin probably looks fried and greasy. *smiles* Try including fruit and vegetables into you diet and don't forget to drink loads of water.

2. Cleanse Your face properly
First you need to determine what type of skin you have ie combination, dry or oily. Choose the proper facial cleanser to suit your needs. (I will go more in depth in a future blog) Start from the center and work your way out. Most people cleanse from top to bottom and end up at the chin. All you end up doing is taking the dirt from other areas and placing it on your chin.

3. Toner
The great debate. Toner vs. No Toner. I love using toner. I have combination skin so I certainly don't skip it. If you have oily skin you certainly shouldn't either! Here is a tip though. Find a toner that has no alcohol or has very little. Too much and it will dry your skin out which is a no no.

4. Moisturize
I'm so shocked at how many of us are still not moisturizing! Even if you have oily skin you still need to moisturize! You simply must find a moisturizer that is oil free. As with the cleanser and toner you must find one that suits your skin type.

5. Hands Off
This is the most important of step to follow! Keep your hands off of your face as much as possible during the day. Keeping your face free of germs should be objective #1! Through out the day we are touching all kinds of nasty you really want them on your face? This will only bring on a breeding ground of little nasties. You will soon be saying here come the pimples!

(Here is an extra: Keep your pillow cases clean! A dirty place makes for a dirty face!)

I hope you found this helpful. What are some things you like to do to keep your face clean and healthy?

(Photography by Steven Ledell)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bombshell Thank you's

I created this post to simply say thank you to all of my clients both current and pending. I truly appreciate your business! I never thought I would have a job that truly never feels like work. I have to give that credit to all of my wonderful clients. Thank you for being so much fun!

Be on the look out for Bombshell Client Appreciation Night! There will be loads of laughter, lashes!

I would love to here some of your reviews and/or experiences with Bombshell Artistry.

(Photography by Tony Smith)

Natural Bridal Beauty

This year so far has been one to remember! I've had the pleasure to work with so many brides and wanted to give the brides and their attendants a chance to comment on their experiences. Because I also do more than bridal work, I will also be including behind the scene recaps from various jobs, fashion photos as well as tips for clean and healthy skin.

This bride wanted a very soft and natural look. Her "look" was designed specifically for her needs. She wanted to be made up but did not want to appear as if she had on loads of makeup. Airbrush makeup was used to create that flawless finish! I think we did a great job but what do you think?

Bombshell Beauty Tip: The eyes are the window to your beauty regimen! This area is the first to show signs of lines and wrinkles but does not mean we should over do it with eye creams. Overuse of eye creams can lead to serious under-eye bags from unabsorbed eye creams. Avoid this by using products sparingly and dotting lightly around the orbital bone (bone just under your eye socket) :)